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Originally Posted by SixtyAte View Post
So I've had trouble with my key a couple of times. It was really rough getting in and out, but now that it is more used not so much a problem. However when it is cold like below 30 cold I have had several problems. Taking a lighter to the key to get it to start kind of thing, and last night I drove home when it was 23 degrees. When I got home I could not turn the key to off position, then got it to turn, but had to wait till the morning to pull it out. This is the first bike I've owned in the north country and was just wondering if this is a Honda,a 230L, or just a cold bike thing. Not something I really wooried about , just wondering.

I have a problem very similar I got the 09 230 and sometimes my whole key will spin in the cylinder and I don't know why because it is not consistent... Glad to know I'm not the only one
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