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My opinion, based on the Arai Corsair that I just replaced. FYI, Arai's 5 year warranty begins at date of purchase, not manufacture.

My Arai was on year 3.5 of the warranty when it started to feel very loose. I bought a full set of replacement pads ad it felt good again. Just a few months later, when the pads broke in, it felt loose again. I asked my Arai rep and he said the EPS will compress over time from normal use - particularly because one layer of Arai's liner is extra soft.

It may be a load of crap, but I can't think of another explanation for my experience.

Not so. Arai's Warranty start with their date of manufacture - the one on the chin strap. As soon as you register the new helmet for warranty with them it will indicate that. I bought a new helmet last year on a sale, registered it and it came up with the shortened warranty. I returned the helmet to the store and bought a newer model.

My previous Arai was 7 years- and 100,000 miles and the chin strap was worn so respecting the universal guidence of replace after 5 years- that is what I did. I understand their reasoning ito of chemistry and my head is worth more than to argue with it.
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