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.gmap file

Using IMGfromGPX I've created an M9 overlay map image of our route (a continuous track converted from the routes as spec'ed in Basecamp). If anyone's interested in intercepting us, this may be helpful, since the converted tracks used to generate this image each contain ~5000 points at full resolution. The same tracks when pared down to <500 points to fit on a 60/76 series gps will leave out a fair amount of detail.

The .gmap file gets loaded onto your computer (double clicking in Mac, using GMTK for PC) and then compiled along with the usual maps you load onto your GPS.

When selected to "show" on the gps, the M9 map will appear as a green line visible along with whatever other map you also have showing (Topo, CNNA, etc.).

You can still load the waypoints and routes provided in the .gpx files above, but this overlay will be rock solid insurance that you'll have our exact route, in a way that auto-routes may not be once recalculated on different units, and it'll have more detail following the trail than multiple filtered tracks and as a bonus doesn't tie up any track memory, in fact, it's loaded on the sd card, and is tiny, only 234kb.

If you'd like the .gmap file, PM me your email and I'll send it-- unfortunately, only .gpx files can be attached here.
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