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Originally Posted by Jwaki84 View Post
Haha, I have BMW gear for my off road riding, triumph jacket for my street riding, and currently don't own either! I think I'll stick to generic brands from now on. Anyone have experience with Klim?
I bought the Badlands Pro. I wear the jacket literally daily -- minus the odd week where I miss a day and don't leave the house even just to ride with no other purpose, for the past 4 months or so. Whenever they were available in Oz, I was waiting for mine and got the set. I wear the pants less often, for organised off-road or in a couple cases, when it's pissing down and I still want to be somewhere else. Damned if I'm getting in a freakin CAR just because there's a thunderstorm going on...

Initial impressions are very good. It's water-proof 100% so far including Serious rainfall -- I wish I could say the same about my stupid helmet though -- It's about 3 seasons itself with nothing layered inside -- serious riding should be layered anyway though. I wear merino thin layer stuff for all day esp when it's going to be in the hills and coolish, but with all the vents closed, and those cool wrist seals with the thumb holes in place, you don't feel the cool until it's a significantly cool situation, like 110kms on a highway (nominal, ahem) and night time temp of 12C ambient the other day, yeah I felt some cool spots where the wind managed to push the shell against my biceps for example.

Pants are pretty great too -- they're made for standing up and are nice and long with wide legs for boots, leather panels on the inside to be nice on the bike and handle heat better, and the pads site comfortably so you don't notice them whilst riding. Huge vents when standing mean you can feel a strangely naked feeling when the wind blows across your thigh. And you essentially are -- the vent is from your ass to your knee basically -- reach in and yep that's what your mom and dad gave ya, behind a thin veil of mesh. I like that they are long and fit well over the Sidi's and have decent waterproof pockets.

Another thing I like (bad things coming too lol) is the way they are sewn to fit a rider not a mannequin. So they naturally are bent for riding. Probably this is not unique but it's noticeably more than my bespoke leather jacket (Mars leathers in Melb) which has a bit of the same thing -- the Klim hangs funny and the ams are trying to reach out a lot, when it's on you it fits really nice, keeps a bubble around me so unless wind compresses it I don't feel the outside much.

Bad things include the neck is a bit wrong in that the material (gore pro shell) on the outside and the stiff part, doesn't seem to work together well with the tricot snuggly lining part they put on the inside, so the stiffer material cvan be felt to be "rolling over" or rolling down inside the tricot. So when I hang it up I have to unfold it, it's a but fiddly. Also the neck is the weak point in the whole thing when it comes to waterproofing and weatherproofing, since it just stops. I use a little kathmandu neck thing to keep cold winds out but when it's raining hard the overspray / mist can tough the chin -- not that it matters much cause the visor's leaking and damn I left the top vent open too and... grr.

Another peeve I have is that the mesh pockets inside the jacket are soft and ... malleable? in the mesh -- they should have included some stiffening strip on the openeings IMO to help them open and close with one hand, and keep their shape just as they started, sometimes the zips are a bit hard to operate whilst riding.

Rounding out my bad points is the claimed "support for a hydration bladder" is pretty non-existant. I do hide one in the bottom of the jacket, hening the lil kidney belt thing, but mine's a Geiger and it pressurizes up and doesn't sit well at all. And there's no other place to put it but the bottom, so the drinking tube has far less reach than normal and it's popping out in front of my chest rather than lying down nicely. I could put the bladder in the bum bag puch along the rear but there's no routing for the drinking tube -- I'd have to cut it or perhaps rig something outside but that'd suck more than what I have going now.

I mean to write them and ask about it too, if I learn something better I'll pass it on.

If you have any specific questions about badlands pro I would be happy to answer as best I Can.

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