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Originally Posted by RedRocket View Post
It seems to me that Hellmund put everything together, the track, the deal with the state, F1, and Dorna. Then his backers ousted him for full control and profit. It seems that Bernie had a way out of his deal for F1 and then made a new one with the new Hellmund-less track owners. Hellmund does not want to let go of his MotoGP contract.
I know he's suing his former backers, so I guess if he's going to sell, or give up his MotoGP deal it will involve making a deal with those same people. No wonder it's at a stale mate.
Yes, but I'm curious as to why they forced him out. Besides outright greed, of course.

Seems like cooperation would make everyone more money in the long run. But then I'm an optimist.
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