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Originally Posted by blacktiger View Post
I know it seems to be the current "in thing" but at 800 for the jacket and 600 for the pants? That's Rukka territory. And for something that might get ripped to shreds on the massive brambles we get over here. Not for me. YMMV.
Originally Posted by Mercury264 View Post
I have a couple bits of Klim gear and it's good gear but that is just ridiculous prices for stuff that, well, ain't that ground-breaking (despite what the fanbois will say).
Klim are riding a wave right now. They've got Flavor of The Month status among KTM and a few Dakar Heros and many here on ADV. (the wealthy ones) Fact is Klim are relative Noobs to MC gear and come from the Ski/Snowboard world. It's a US based company, but all their stuff is made in China, just like 95% of ALL motorcycle gear.

They DO have some good designs and the quality of some things I've seen in person is good ... but not fantastic. No where near Rukka quality. But even a Rukka will be destroyed in a crash. Seen it happen ... in person!

Some BMW/KTM Adventure "experts" here on ADV don't have a dirt riding back ground. Anyone that's been around a while will know that lots of other companies, both here and in Europe, have made great riding gear for decades.

Most cater more to Moto Cross (where the money is) ... and the Adventure segment is relatively new. But lots of it crosses over. Some favorites I've used over the years:
Fox, JT, Thor, MSR, No Fear, Moose, Troy Lee Designs .... and about a dozen more ... some good, some not. Many other US brands make versatile gear, like First Gear, Tourmaster, Joe Rocket. All have ups and down, but most have really improved in the last ten years. Inexpensive and functional. I use custom armor in my gear, using mostly
Aerostitch armor. I love Aerostitch suits but not for Summer or Latin America.

Most make light enduro jackets, all make great hot weather riding pants, jersey's and lots more. Most sell colors that are too flashy for old fart ADV guys ... who would rather spend $2000 on a Rukka, BMW, KLIM or other over priced, Euro gear. Klim are US based, but are perceived as a Euro brand as they've managed to attach their brand to KTM and BMW. Very smart marketing. They are seen now as a "prestige" brand. But is the gear really any better than ... average?

Some guys raving about Klim have not owned lots of the other brands, not ridden dirt bikes long. Lots of Noobs. Some Klim items are better than average, but some are simply overpriced, typical Chinese made fare. I'd advise checking Klim ... and a few others ... out IN PERSON. Handle it, check the stitching, seams, check the fit.

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