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Wicked Rev'it Horizon Jacket and Pant thread -- Follow for updates and review!

Greetings fellow Inmates! I am starting this thread as a location to post all things about the Rev'it Horizon jacket and pant.

I am VERY EXCITED about this jacket/pant combo! I've been a fan of Rev'it gear for years, and own a couple of their jackets already. I think they do it right in almost all cases, and their gear looks stylish to boot. I've been eyeing up another Aerostich offering, but was dreading the price tag, as well as the styling. I owned a Roadcrafter 1-piece for a few years, and although it was bombproof, it wasn't infallible. The crotch got wet in a deluge (due to pooling probably), and it was pretty darn hot most of the time. I'm not a fan of the 'Stich styling either. I realize this is safety gear, and yes, that should be anyone's number one concern, but I don't really enjoy looking like a lost spaceman everytime I step off the bike. YMMV. Plus, being less "advanced" than most of the touring guys, style does still factor into my gameplan. Call it vanity, but I want to feel I'm smartly dressed for the occasion

My current setup is from our local hero Ghazi and Teiz Motorsports. I have a v4 Lombard suit that I've been wearing for about 3 months of riding. Great kit, lots of bang for the buck, but I hate having to deal with the waterproof liner here in the PNW.

For those of you who don't know, this line from Rev'it is new for 2012, and is a departure from their previous offerings in that it incorporates a laminated waterproof/breathable membrane into the shell of the jacket (similar to Gore-tex) instead of being zipped into the shell via a waterproof "liner". (Aerostich has been doing this for decades) There are some distinct advantages to this, as well as some drawbacks, but I'm VERY excited to test them out in and around the Seattle area.

In my opinion, this system is superior for a few reasons:

+ No waterproof liner or rain gear to fiddle with. Pulling off to the side of the road and trying to zip in a liner or throw on rain gear is annoying at best (to me). At worst, you are getting soaked as you try to fiddle with zippers and snaps with wet hands.
+ No "wetting out" of your textile shell. I've had this problem with pretty much every textile jacket I've owned. The liner might be waterproof, but the shell is definitely not. DWR treatments help to some degree, but it can take FOREVER for the shell to dry once you've soaked it.
+ No worrying about those clouds up ahead. Being already waterproof, you remove the burden of worrying about the weather as much. I tend to ride more because I'm not worried that I will get soaked, or have to fiddle with rain gear or liners. This applies to day trips and commuting mostly.

With all of that being said, there are a couple of disadvantages:

- Less flexibility. Anyone who's owned a 'Stich can tell you that you will find yourself overly warm from time to time. Being in the PNW, I don't worry about this as much unless we are on an extended ride South, but the summertime can be downright oppressive in these types of suits.
- Running hot. As stated above, you are wearing a WP/breathable membrane whether you want to or not, and it will not breathe as well as a normal jacket. You can manage it with some venting, but it's much easier to get overheated with this system.

Stay tuned for updates!
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