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Pooch Pad

Posted this over at SovietSteeds, but figured the crowd here could benefit from the info. I just picked up our Pooch Pad today from Bobby at Riddles Custom Upholstery. He did a little something different for me. I wanted snaps on the retaining straps, so I thought I'd pipe in and give a visual as to what I was going for. The seatback on my 2011 Gear-Up bolts in, and I didn't want to have to unbolt it every time I switched from pooch to person in the sidecar. This should remedy the problem and add for a quick conversion.

First, the Pooch Pad itself, already being enjoyed by Bryson the Giant Schnauzer. He didn't waste any time laying down on it while I worked on the bike.

Here is the view of the straps with the snaps so you can see the final product.

HDFlame mentions the bolts in the back of the hack for his straps. My 2011 didn't have those, but had rubber plugs in their place.

I bought new bolts and wingnuts to make the windshield quickly detachable as well, so I used the extras for this application. I removed the plugs and inserted the bolts/nuts with to secure the straps.

Seatback attached, view from the trunk.

And the view from the tub with the snaps exposed. Now all I have to do is snap the dog bed in when it is Bryson's turn to ride.

All snapped up!

And Bryson is ready to go!

But I had to test it out for myself. This thing is COMFY!

So now all I have to do is pop two snaps and drop in the seat for human passengers. I've got wingnuts on the windshield too, so I can go from person mode to pooch mode in about two minutes.
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