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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
You're not going to get it dirty are you? That scooter looks showroom!
Glad the DR650 front fender worked out ... but what are you gonna do about that Samuri "S" on there?
How do you stop 600 lbs. with one brake disc? Hope it works ... that's a truck load of weight you're saving there. (worth about $10,000 in Ti and Carbon fiber bits!) NiCE!

Hope you get a chance to take her out and see what she'll do. Good luck,
watching your build!
The poor girl's "as dirty as" mate.. In dire need of a clean but iv'e been busy designing shit and riding.

The Samuri "S" is just a sticker and will be non existant as soon as I get the new guard. The one in the pics belongs to a mate and was only on for a test fit.

I have done 400>500kms with the single disc and quite honestly its not too different to the double. I operate shorty Pazzo levers (two fingers) and can still initiate ABS in emergency stop front brake only... It requires about 10% extra force than does the twin disc setup.

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