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Moving forward on the Fork Leg Guards

More development as I have been progressing on the high guard mount and the fork leg guards.

I have returned the guard I borrowed from my friend and ordered a new one from Suzuki Australia. $Au110 and apparently you dont get a free bike with that, it's just the guard... They dont even offer any anal lube before sticking it in

Along with the design of the high guard mount came an epiphany as to the routing of the brake lines. I'm really pleased with the way it is taking shape and will post pics as soon as it is in place.

Not wanting to chance the look of the fork leg guards without a proper design, I decided to create a solid model on the computer so they could be massaged to the exact look that I am after.
I could not find any accessory plastic units that would go anywhere near close to fitting so I thought I would laser cut and press them from 2mm S/S with a view to pulling some from F/glass or carbon later if I felt the need for change.

This is the result:

Really enjoying this project.

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