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Took my dogs, Murph and Dusty, out recently just to check out a camera mount for stability, which was mounted on the grab bar of my Ural. The dogs chronically wag their tails and woof in sheer excitement whenever we go for a ride. It does not matter how short, how long or what type of sceenery we expect to see on a ride, anytime they load up and their tails are a waggin', then I know all is right with the world and the ride will be fun. They make me laugh and I probably do them, as well. I'm going to have to put on a magnetic mount to get pics of Murph lookin' out the dog hatch of the sidecar at some point. If you notice, that is where he ducks out of sight to anytime the rig moves forward. Life is always an adventure with my dogs onboard.
A sidecar without a dog is just another sidecar.

There is a reason Dogs do not live as long as we do. They are your Resume' in Heaven...
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