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I have Rev it gear and love the fit. It is like putting on a custom tailored suit. I can hardly tell I am wearing a full suit. I haven't tried the Horizon but I have tried other offerings with the same technology in an effort to rid myself of waterproof liners or separate rain gear. My experience however, has brought me full circle, back to separate rain gear. ( I hate liners for the same reason as you )

In my experience, the waterproof suits were much warmer, had a much narrower temperature range and never really stopped the water due to weak spots like zippers. Now I just throw on a Rev It pacific h2o which takes about 45 secs and is super dry.

I would be very interested in your review of the Horizon. The venting is interesting by having actual rain gutters to evacuate water. Some thought has gone into this rather than just cutting a jacket with waterproof material and weather resistant zippers.

If you do a review, can you also do a follow up after some actual time in the rain?

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