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Originally Posted by oalvarez View Post
how do you turn on your heated grips? did you have to drill a hole to insert a toggle? curious as to how you finished the switch part of the install.
The install and removal is super easy, no drilling no permanent mods to the bike.

The temporary aerostich heated grips simply velcro onto and above the normal grips. Yes they make the diameter larger, but it's easy to get used to. Yes there's one more set of wires near the triple clamp, but you can route the wires so that it is still a clean look.

The switch is similar to an old school lamp switch. It's inline with the wires and located near the left hand grip. You simply install the heated grips, run the wires to the power source and you're done. To turn on just slide the switch. The main downside is that you need to remember to turn them off otherwise your battery will be drained. This is also easily solvable by using a relay with a hot wire trigger.

Actually, if someone had an awesome relationship with their dealer I don't see why anyone would need to buy the DP heated grips. You could permanently install heated grips and run them to the multi head grip switch and get the dealer to turn the option on. I don't see why non DP grips couldn't be connected to the Multi controller since all heated grips basically function the same although there might be slight difference in resistance. This would be similar to all the guys connecting their GPS to the standard GPS plug.

Since I live in Houston, where "winter" is at most only 2.5 months with summer conditions the rest of the year removable heated grips for $45 were the most cost affective option for me. I didn't pursue hooking grips into the standard plug / controller because I'm too lazy and I'm not sure my dealer is cool enough to turn the option on. Plus if there ever was any electrical problems in the future they most likely would lazily point to the non DP accessory.

I just took mine off a few weeks ago and stored them in the garage. IF you're thinking about heated grips, seriously give the $45 Aerostich a thought.
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