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Originally Posted by AceRph View Post
Got the new seat & rode it about 75 miles on Monday. Much better in terms of rider space. I can put my toes on the pegs. The new seat is pretty firm, but the back part is nice and wide. It's a lot easier to move around on, so sliding forward for turns is not a problem. The Rocky seat's shape tends to hold you in one place.

I was able to flat foot the bike w/ my knees bent on the Rocky seat. The new seat is not too high; I can put both feet firmly on the ground. I have a 33" inseam.

If you ride up close to the tank for more than a few minutes w/ the enduro seat, you get the same numbness as you do w/ a bicycle seat that has the nose above level. Sliding back on the flat portion or standing on the pegs for a few minutes returns your nerve endings to normal.

All-in-all, an improvement over the Rocky.
Thanks for the update.
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