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Thanks for the Doggles advice. I do appreciate it, but I'll opt to pass for now. I don't support the use of them on my dogs and the dogs absolutely hate them, too. I have had several pair for my dogs over the years and none of them have ever taken to them. These two, just as the two before them, go to the Vet routinely and after all the years of their riding with me, none have had any eye problems.

No, I didn't view the truck you mentioned, but I seldom look about at the vehicles around me at a stop light to see who is gawking or not. I may reach over an pat Dusty or even Murph, but I mostly let them do their own thing in catching the eye of others. I have to be careful at some intersections, as people lose their focus when turning and suddenly see the dogs in the hack. I have had a couple of them almost wreck when they did that.

This is another DIY camera mount that I made from an electrical piece (Don't know the name of the thing). Any rate, we were just taking a brief ride to check the mount for vibration. It was pretty steady. I had intentionally left the articulating arm where it was and didn't worry over it showing in the field of view. Like say, the test was just for anti-vibration of the camera mount.

Murph and Dusty ride this way and have done so for years. You probably can't see their tethers, but they are there. Murph loves to see out the dog hatch of the sidecar. We ride fast most of the time, so they are prone to attracting attention as they ride.
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