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Originally Posted by EmmEff View Post
Using MotionX-GPS, you can drag and drop GPX files in from iTunes or they can be imported directly from an email attachment.

The events I've been to have been basically a guy with a notebook running MapSource (for Garmin) and the appropriate serial and USB cables. Being able to sync through iTunes on somebody else's computer is a non-trivial task as it requires authorizing the machine, etc. It's not a viable solution, IMO.
Really great input EmmEff! Jeff, around California, receiving GPS files for DS rides is common.

EmmEff, I agree, syncing through somebody's else's machine is not a viable solution, but importing GPX files from an email is perfect! that's what I'll do.

The a DS ride organizer sent me the following requiremetns for a naviagation device. Do you think an iphone running Motion-X will comply with these requirements?

You can mount it on your handlebars where it is easily visible from a seated, riding position.
You can upload at least two of the following three items into the unit: routes, waypoints & track logs. Of these track logs are probably the most valuable.
The unit will also display 2 of the above 3 items on the screen. Track logs being the most important.
Unit must be able to accept a .GPX file (we email out .GPX files about a week before the event).
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