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Originally Posted by mung View Post
One good thing about the 300 is that it is so strong that it is very tolerant of altitude.I ride 6 to 9 thousand all the time. I am one size up on the pilot and stock needle and clip position with stock main. If I am constantly above 8 thousand I richen the airscrew a quarter turn and raise the clip one and down one on main.
So... lets assume that I was to be doing this from scratch, how exactly would I go about determining if I am rich, or lean?

Surely there's a thread or article somewhere that can explain the process somewhat.

I have a pretty good idea that the pilot will affect throttle response and low openings (all the time for me!!) and the main will affect WOT and mid openings will also be affected by the needle position.

I tried searching PWK Jetting but never came up with much - time to troll the interwebs for more insight!

Thanks in advance! If all else fails I will probably lean it out to 40/120 from the stock 45/125 and lower the needle one notch.
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