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I just went through your thread for the 1st time and have to take my hat off to you. Good job thus far!
For never having tore an engine down prior to this you seem to have quite a few useful tools. Especially those fancy bearing pullers.

My 06 Ural 750 looks like a Lamborghini compared to that M72. They all are really industrial garden tractors; built solid but nothing pretty about them. The rings in the newer Urals are American, at least they were a few years ago. I canned the electronic ignition in mine and went to a switch controlled dual points setup. Old school stuff has it's appeal for me.

Threads like yours are addictive but, more importantly, also very educational. It takes a lot of extra time to stop and photo everything and then upload and comment on it. Your labor is appreciated.

All the best in getting that beast fired up in the near future. And an extra large slice of raisin pie is certainly earned.
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