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.. a change in my plans after talking to the wife and showing her some pictures from today's ride .. I found this while on my way to the ABC Tag .. it got me to thinking about a similar place in my home town, unfortunately the one in my home town is not going to share the same fate as this place .. someone is pumping some serious dollars into saving this old site ..

The Tag Shot:

.. in it's prime it looked like this ..

.. some clues ..

For the City Name .. hmm ... if I were a gamer playing a game it would be "on" .. as in "Game On" .. so if I were a welder it would be "___________________"

.. it sits next to this tunnel that goes under the road ..

.. which is filled with some artwork by and artist named Napoleon Hill ..

.. and for a spoiler .. if you look at the old picture you can see the RIVER where there are some nearby FALLS and today there is now located a PARK ..
.. it's located at (insert City Name) Landing .. you know .. as in a landing for a boat .. or a bunch of boats .. in fact the place was packed when I was there ..

.. I was thinking about this site more and more on my way home tonight .. especially tonight as I was passing the old Mill we are losing in our town .. there is a bunch of history we are losing here in our state .. nice to see this bit being saved for the future ..
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