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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
Awesome! That is very encouraging news!
Have you calculated the weight savings from losing the other Disc/Caliper?

Can you feel any difference at the front in handling, turning?
Best build I've seen on a Tenere'. Hope you get time to wring her out some!
Removing the R/H disc and caliper equates to a whisker over 2kg (4.4lbs), and yes, you can absolutely feel the difference..
Woody's dual disc superlight hub is 3kg (6.6lbs) lighter than the OEM 19" (apples for apples - with tire/tube, discs and all), and the single disc is 5.5kg ( 12.1lbs) lighter.

From a previous post:
As I mentioned above, I had a great road ride for a couple hundred kilometers today but I have really been hanging to get the new single disc wheel installed in place of the 21" twin disc wheel.

I got home from my ride today to a handfull of urgent chores so got stuck in and immediately went up to the shed to remove the tire and tube from the "old" 21" wheel (wow, lifes tuff when you got a choice) and spoon them onto the new wheel.

It's been a few years since my old enduro days where you had to change tires in the bush. These days its easier to drop it into a bike shop and pick it up 30mins later. I am pleased to say though that I havent lost any of my hard earned experience and found the task both pleasurable and interesting.
I guess in reality there aint too much tuff about a front wheel, and can be thankful it was not a rear.

1hour later the job was complete and installed back on the bike.
A quick bleed of the brakes and the jobs done.

What a treat. Just when you think that things couldnt get any better than loosing 3kg of un-sprung weight, you drop one disc and a caliper and loose another 2.5kg

Thats right:
The OEM front assembly (tire, disc's etc) was 14kg
The twin disc assembly (tire, disc;s etc) was 11kg
The single disc assembly (slightly lighter and slimmer rim) was 9.7kg. 1.1kg of that was from removing one disc...
BUT - factor in the removal of the superfluous caliper + hose + bolts and you loose another 1.2kg.
OEM = 14kg
Single disc = 8.5kg

5.5 fricken kg (12.1lbs) lighter in un-sprung mass to accelerate/brake/act on suspension...

I am REALLY looking forward to trying this one out..

I suspect the master cylinder may need a change, but i'll trial it tomorrow and make judgment from there.

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