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Fkn trolls

Originally Posted by HWSNBN View Post
Seems to me that traction control would put all riders on an equal playing field.

Here is an example: A friend and I were stopping by Starbucks for a latte' a few days ago. We decided to be real rebels and ride through the grass around to the front. His bike had traction control, so when he applied the throttle, his bike tracked around the corner perfectly ! When I applied the throttle the rear slipped from under me ! My new riding gear is now stained and my reputation as an adventure rider is tarnished forever there !

I *knew* it ... it was the "Latte"...and the upturned pinky-finger, that gave it away. Hell, if he had traction control, you wouldn't be able to see the smoke coming from his spinning tyre ... and as you know the saying goes, "where there's smoke, there's a flamer ... I mean, fire" .. =/
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