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Thoughts from those who have a guess...needed

OK I'm haveing a hick-up with pamco...

I now have 1,000 miles on my 81 motor in a 77D the motor has 16,000. We did nothing to the motor in the way of rebuild.
I put on a pamco ign during the motor swap and now have a bind in the advance. Or at least after further inspection the bind is on the rod at the bushings through the cam.

My advance began not returning.
All new advance from mikes, bushes and all including pamco have 1,000 miles on them. It was springing fine when we installed it and now this is the first time I've gone back to look at it cause I was perceiving some sluggishness while pulling up hill.

So we took a look, sure enough not returning. Took the nut off the rod right side, no change. removed rod's little cam under bobbers. Bobbers fine. went ahead and pulled the rod, looks fine, reinstalled with lube...binding again.
Pulled rod out again and tapped at bushes to see they were seated and flush, no iterfearance, reinstalled...binding.
Took the rod out again and looked closer for wear where the high spots ride the bushes. Nothing wrong there, but you can perceive a shinny area 1/4" from the left side thingy?? magnet?
So we took fine sand paper and cleaned up the surfaces where they ride the bush. Better now, returning bob weights.

BUT, you know the rod has some end float when it's installed, and if you tap the rod's play all the way to the right from the left side it's more binding. (most of which is now aleaviated)

When you tap the play to the left by tapping on the right side to end of travel, she's free as a bird.

General consensis please?
Sand a little more?
too many...
I have completely lost count

and here's my channel...
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