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Originally Posted by Chuckracer View Post
How would you know this wasn't done if you aren't the original owner and the previous owners did their own wrenching, like me? In my case 62,000 miles (half of those mine) and it's strong and quiet...should I disturb those bolts and do this anyway?

My thoughts are if it hasn't come apart by now it's not gonna, and perhaps disturbing those bolts is worse than leaving them alone.

Your thoughts?
Firstly SStewart sorry for your troubles and thanks for sharing with the brothers in your time of need.

Chuckracer I've always wondered about this too. i mean - if I undo the bolts and retension then I lost the strength of the Locktite. If I just check the tension and visually nothing moves and the tension is correct I should be right (unless something did move and couldn't see it, surface tension broken and locktite no longer bonding). And if I retension, something obvious has moved, do I undo and clean up both treads, re-locktite and hope for the best. May-be leaving well enough alone and not looking for trouble could allow me to sleep at nights
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