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I have a quick question regarding the facet pump. When I got my RD04 I did a complete rebuild before even really riding it (18klm to get her home and the project began). Part of the restoration process was to put the facet in. Anyway the question comes down to an overflow of fuel out of the float bowl ie the key on pump running but engine not running. I have heard that the 40105 facet pump has too much power and that there is another pump from facet that has less power, I'm not having buyers remorse about the pump but I'm just wondering if there is something wrong with the carbs that is allowing the fuel to be forced out the overflow hose? Now its not a lot of fuel but it is fuel coming out when its not supposed to, now I have learned to have the key off until needed, but I am just trolling to see if this has been seen and dealt with.

Thanks for the help
Again...I thought you fired that mechanic already. For starters your Facet should not run with the key turned on. If you look at the Haynes wiring diagram you will see a fuel cut-off relay in the circuit and from what I gather it is bypassed and your Facet is wired somewhere on the ignition side. The pump should only run when the bike is running.
If you wire it in like your old pump was then you should have the black wire from the new Facet which goes to the green wire which is (ground).
The red wire from the new Facet goes to the wire that is colored blue/black. That wire in turn goes to the fuel cut-off relay as seen in the Haynes manual wiring diagram.
Their is always a possibility you could have some crud on your float needle valve in one of the carbs...but i doubt it. Your pump pressure is just fine on the 40105 and it's not so unusual to see fuel coming out the overflow drain if the pump is running and the engine is not.
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