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Quick Update;

Nearly 4000 miles on the conversion at this point. Updates include a small windscreen. Thanks to jdrocks for the idea. Also version 2 of the skidplate. The new engine protection is 1/4" ABS bent to provide a little better protection.

Impressions so far are very positive. It's no dirt bike, but at slower speeds it will handle most moderate 4wd roads and gravel ones are a hoot. The bike is incredibly smooth, comfortable and easy to ride. Suspension will get some more attention and changes in June.

Next trip is 740 miles to the Overland Expo in May. I'll try to get it off pavement on the way there and back.

MPG has been a bit of a surprise. With the high altitude plug in, I saw 57mpg last weekend. That's 7500 feet elevation and a fair bit of 45mph in 5th gear. Last week I dealt with the dreaded stuck starter relay. A new relay and battery solved the problem.

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