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Originally Posted by Emmbeedee View Post
I think this new version is optimized for new gps units like the Montana/Oregon/62/78 series.
Most likely..

Why would you not just use Basecamp to see what maps you have installed already? Does Mapinstall tell you which maps already reside on a 60?
I think we're talking about 2 different things here. I struggled a bit when writing the opening post about how to refer to a Map Collection—e.g. Garmin's Topo 24K West, DVD version—and a particular map tile (quadrant?) that has been copied from the collection to a gps SD card.

So yes, Basecamp tells me which Map Collections I have on my computer's HD and are unlocked and accessible. I've not seen an indication in Basecamp as to which particular tiles are residing on the gps.

Somewhere, somehow, MapInstall 2.1.6 keeps track of which tiles are residing on the gps and I can easily see what I've got loaded.

Here's a screen shot from MapInstall 2.1.6:

MapInstall 4.0.0 shows a similar view, except no indication of ANY tiles installed...there may be a simple explanation somewhere, but I didn't have time to dig around. This shouldn't be the default behavior, at any rate.
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