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Originally Posted by DurtKlod View Post
YESSSSSSS!!!!! Scotland shall rise again! My last name is MacDonald and my parents have evidently traced a line of our family back to Glencoe. I was able to pass through there in 1990 as part of a geography class with the University of London and I felt a connection like no other I'd felt before. Incredible scenery. We fought and killed Campbells in that valley and also sheltered Edward the Bruce. Evidently there is still a pub somewhere in the north of Scotland that still won't serve to the Campbells because of the dirty handedness of the Massacre of Glencoe. Myth or truth I know not, but I aim to get back over there and find out someday! Fantastic pictures. Thanks for posting.
Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed yourself when you were over.

Originally Posted by rymus View Post
fantastic. Heading back over at the start of May and currently counting down the hours until getting on the ferry.
Nice! We usually get good (though it's all relative) weather in May so hopefully you don't get too much rain.

Originally Posted by rdtz View Post
great report,fantastic photos,I've bin thru' Glen Coe twice on the bike,will make a note to stop and take more pictures next time!
Thank you and thanks for reading. What I'm looking forward to most about my next journey up is that I don't need to take photos and can just enjoy the ride! Though I might stop and try find some new angles. I only stopped at the designated viewing areas so my photos aren't all that different from everyone else's.

Originally Posted by windburn View Post
In 1968-70 I lived in Scotland and traveled the same road to killin. It looks so much the same even the weather. Nice report that brought back memories of my young adult life. What great people and scenery.
For the most part, that area will be much as you remember it. Just more cars on the road, sadly.

Originally Posted by mancunian View Post
fantastic report and pics matt, hoping to get up to glencoe in the summer, any recommendations would be appreciated
Bring an umbrella! In all seriousness, if you're doing any sort of tour of the highlands, insect repellent is a must. Midges can drive a man insane. Also have a look at Kamchat's thread 'You are going to die' ..... He knows the roads way better than I do. If you're looking for road recommendations, he's the man to ask.
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