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GSPD, Squily thanks for the quick response. Squily sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble. Mine isn't that bad, by the way I picked my pump from aircraft spruce and I think that they had the full line of facet pumps including yours, the 40105 and also the lower pressure pump which I think the call the 40104. GSPD I have the pump wired up like you say so does that mean that the relay is bad? I am really surprised that its common for there to be any kind of overflow but then again it may be the relay.

Also the mechanic that I have is the best I know and really the only one that I trust. I think for his first rebuild he did a pretty good job.

Thanks again for the help.

Also, guys at Rugged Roads I haven't forgotten to get back with you I just have been busy, also the stuff that I need to get is going to be well over a $1000 so I keep going over my list and the fact that you guys are now going to have those bad a** new crash bars doesn't help.

Just being sarcastic with the mechanic comment. We hear some real horror stories from over there...i might have mistaken you for the guy in Hanoi.

Ok...the normally fails where the pump won't work at all..but yes it could go the other way. Order one up. Futher troubleshooting in the Haynes page 4-21 where they explain it pretty good including locations of the relay for your model.
As mentioned already some dirt or debris stuck in the float needle valve could also cause overflow with a continously running pump and with the engine not running...but you never had this problem before the Facet right?

Never heard of anyone using the 40104...pump pressures might be too low.
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