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Originally Posted by RidingDonkeys View Post
The wife and I went riding for a bit yesterday, and Bryson was a wee bit pissed he didn't get to tag along. When we got home, I parked the Ural differently, and with current projects going on, the sidecar was a bit inaccessible to Bryson. Nevertheless, it made it easier for the driver to get on and off.

After playing with Bryson in the yard for a bit, he disappeared. Melissa and I rounded the corner to see this.

He sat there for a good while, long enough for me to stop laughing and take photos, and then stayed there for a while after we went inside. Finally Melissa decided that he might hurt himself trying to get down, so I plucked him off the seat. I'm still not quite sure what he thought he was going to do up there.
Uh.......hump your gas tank...........???

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