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4.0 throws up different screens for different circumstances. External hard disk like an ipod -- no advanced options, erases everything you had on there, and then crashes before it writes a new gmapsupp.img file. When it does write the file, the maps are all jumbled into one file and you can't select individual maps. MicroSD card inserted into a card reader: Gives you the advanced options, still erases and rewrites your maps, takes forever, some maps work, some crash the unit. Couldn't for the life of me get a GPSfileDepot free Utah topo to load. Never had a problem with it using prior versions of MapInstall.

Clearly, Garmin wants you to load maps onto your unit directly. This is the only way all the "advanced" options kick in and seem to, maybe, work. OK, so I copied everything I had off of my 32GB sd card, erased it, made a "Garmin" folder, and put it into the Montana, connected it to the Mac, and fired up MapInstall 4.0. I decided to let Garmin be in control. I let it install every single map I own. 36 maps. 29Gb. The outcome... I have no idea. My i5 quad iMac has been chugging away (inefficiently using 120% of a single processor, I might add) for the past 11 hours, and it's currently building map 24 of 36.

I figured I'd give Garmin a chance. Let them load all my maps on the Montana as they like. Do it once, and never think about it again. Sounds good on paper, (at least until the next CNNA update). How will they appear on the disk and hard drive? No clue. MapInstall didn't give me an option to install on the internal memory vs. the SD card, but hitting install, it told me that I would have 3000+MB free on the internal memory, so I presume it doesn't merge the memory, and installs on the SD card preferentially. It might be nice to know that in advance. If I was a betting man, I would wager that at the end of this exercise I will have a completely useless 29gb MegaMess.

No worries, 20 minutes and I can recopy everything I had on there and I'm back in business.
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