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Originally Posted by Mike D View Post
Thanks guys...
I will say, grips are like kind of personal preference like socks or boxers/briefs... You'll get the ones you like. you could use dirtbike grips in a pinch but I never would myself.

Just keep in mind, the trials grips have been refined for years, to "our" market or use. Grips with big ass flanges, located where you 1st finger and thumb wrap around the grip, will be worthless, and interfere with levers... BUT you can trim that flange off, like some do. I like the Hebo black grips that were standard for several years... I had quite a few, no idea if you can still or when you can get them, or if you find them online.

Dad likes his renthals as posted above, by Throttle Jock. My son liked grips that were made by domino... So best bet, IMHO something to think about.... "IF" you already liked the ones you had, find those? and get a pair shipped to you, then second thing is, since they are all relatively cheap, hell try a few different ones...

I should try others, I am sometimes resistant to try something until I cant get what I already like...

good luck shopping.

PS, I seem to fall on the left side more than anything else, so I have a bar end on there, I dont have bar end of right side, I just hated it being there... Plus rights are thinner. So, have like 4 left side grips in the spares cabinet, due to tearing the right side ones more often lol. Safety wire is better than glue, if you get the "knack" of hiding the pigtails, down well!
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