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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
Given your experience so far with v4, I would agree. Easy enough to keep using v2.1.6 until v4.0.1 comes along. I don't know if the MapInstall Developer reads this forum. If you want to hurry an update along you might post on the Garmin Forum for Mac MapInstall your observations.

Yeah... v4 works OK if used in a similar fashion to what I was doing with v2.1.6 (still available for download, btw). It just doesn't work as intended.

I'd bought a 32gb card on sale and I thought I might be able to keep all the map files on it and not have to recompile / reload for each trip. I've since reconsidered as the redraw / refresh rate takes a hit when the gps has to image an area significantly larger than what I'm traveling, especially for the topos. CNNA and basemap don't seem to have this slow redraw problem as much as the topo's (both 2008 & 24K's).

As a consequence, my new strategy is to keep the complete CNNA loaded on the sd card, and then compile and load the 24K and 2008 topos (and any other free topos, and custom maps) as needed for each trip. While travelling, I'll have as little enabled as necessary.

BTW, I've found a similar strategy works well with basecamp. I don't store anything in the basecamp lists and folders.... at the end of each session, I export a .gpx file of each trip / project, and completely clear out "My Collection". This avoids duplicate waypoints, etc. I re-import the .gpx file back in when I want to do more planning. Keeping that "My Collection" list lean makes BaseCamp really fly, and it adds a layer of protection, since the original files are saved outside of any loss due to a basecamp crash.
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