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The voltage from the original wires & pump actually rise as the bike revs increase etc. The DC Voltage also pulses too. Or at least it has on the ones I have tested.

Im heading to Thailand (Phuket) on monday so can take a look for you.

I just love these old Honda's, it's a pity they don't make them like they used to.

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Well I'll take a look at the whole thing when I get home, we just got done with the Thai New Year and it was a lot of fun but I get tired of being wet all day after a week of water fights, enough is enough. So from what I am hearing is, is that my situation is somewhat unusual in the fact that I'm wired up the same as original but that its not the pump that's failed that its the fact that the pump comes on with the key and not the magic button. I didn't have the bike long enough before I did the rebuild so I have no idea if the problem was pre existing, the wiring harness wasn't that butchered, most of it was in its extrimities like turn signals.

Thanks for all of the help.

PS this is the only country that I have ever heard of , of having four, yes FOUR New Years. Regular Jan 1st but they also have the Chinese calander which the year is 2555 that is also on Jan 1. Then there is the celebration of the Chinese New Year which is in April I think, then the Thai New Year which we just had. Totally Crazy

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