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Thanks for the replies

I wandered off after I didnt get a quick reply, sorry. :)

I made it throught the winter fine. Ive put just over 16K on my KLR over the past year. Studded tires were barely needed with this warm winter but Im sold on them. Awesome traction. I was concerned about traction on dry pavement but see it is no big issue (for me on my bike anyway). I have seperate rims and will swap them out next year as the knobbies with studs just dont last long.

Never did put a switch on my vest but did end up buying a cheap lamp type switch on Ebay. I rarely used the vest anyway and when I do, it's cold enough to leave it on. I bought a Firstgear Thermo suit which worked quite well for me. Ive certainly done my share of layering. I work on Grandfather Mountains part time as security and left one morning at 4.8F for the 25 mile trip home. Not too big of a deal except for my hands. Ouch!

My KLR has aluminum bars (installed by previous owner). I did wrap left bar with a couple wraps of duct tape before installing Kimpes heated stick-ons. Ive come to realize that aluminum is much more of heat sink than steel. Noticed Hot Grips site doesnt even recommend putting their products on aluminum bars. Wondering if it would be worthwhile to change out the bars back to a steel one? Any thoughts on that (Grasping at straws?)? Wondering if the Oxford grips would be better than what I have? Really dont want to throw money at this as I'd say that heated gloves or liners would solve the problem but really hate to deal with the wires every day as this is my daily driver. I was thinking about the Firstgear liners from my local dealer.

Here's to warmer weather.......
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