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Next morning, we packed up and headed outa' town - there were two Bald Eagles circling over the lake - oh, and I almost forgot - after the grab, as I was motoring North on the 155, I was lucky enough to see a momma' black bear & cub "coming through the wire" along the side of the road. Did. Not. Stop.

She looked up as I came over the top of a hill and gave me that "Aroouh?" look - she was half-way through it - cub already on my side, about 30 yards off the road. THAT's the sorta' picture I would love to have, but will just have to settle for memory. :sigh

OH yeah - and that 155 was an AWESOME road, thanks! I musta' cruised up-n-down that thing a couple times looking for the 'squatch - missed him the first time because I was headed south... maybe a little fast, too.
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