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Originally Posted by Riteris View Post
That was quite informative and helpful.

Unfortunately, quite disappointing. I was expecting a fireball of at least medium size.
Remember the step where he said NOT to use the torch to heat things up? How do you suppose he learned that?

Clever editing on Skippii's part, I'd say.

Another point on gas cap maintenance, if I may: My brother in law had an aux tank plumbed in to his FJR and we were doing a ride around the west to test it. His main tank nearly empty, he opened the valve that should have allowed gravity flow from the aux into the main. What happened instead was a steady stream of fuel dumping out the overflow from the aux tank onto the roadway at 60mph. After getting his attention he pulled over and we took a look:

The main tank cap has a small one way valve built into it to relieve pressure in the tank (it is one of those small holes on the metal part of the lock). His was clogged, and the legendary heat of the FJ had his tank hot and pressurized. Opening the transfer valve gave the pressure the chance to vent, pushing fuel backwards into the aux tank. You can figure out the rest.

Check your cap check valve!
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