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Originally Posted by Jim Williams View Post
The description that talks about the vent being laminated to the shell? I don't see anything, other than the comment by the OP, that the membrane is laminated to the outer shell. There is a description about the outer shell not soaking up water, but all manufacturers claim that thanks to the DWR that wears off.

I'm not trying to stir the pot here, just looking for info. It does look like an interesting suit.
It is laminated to the shell. You are right about DWR coatings; not only can they wear off, but they are not that great on porous fabrics, like cordura. But, for sure, there is no removable waterproof liner.

I just got the jacket today and, while I really like it, I'm not sure if it's worth the extra $140 above the Rev'it Spectrum. I used to have a Dragon Jacket (the older version of the Spectrum), and I was mostly happy with it, but since I live in Seattle I wanted something with a built-in liner so the shell wouldn't get soaked and, so it'd ideally hold in a little more warmth in the colder months.

I watched a video on Revzilla and noticed a few upgrades over the Dragon: the liner was zipped in at the cuffs, waterproof zippers on the pockets, and, most importantly, the upgraded Exskin thermoliner. The Dragon would get pretty chilly below the low 40's for anything other than a short ride, so the upgraded liner sounded great. When I received the jacket it didn't have any of those upgrades. I'm actually glad the pockets don't have zippers. The pockets on the Dragon didn't and I never had any of my stuff get wet. The zippered cuffs just seemed like they would be less bulky and trap in more heat when it's cold.

One negative of the Dragon was the short connection zippers which, I feel, didn't allow the insulation to hold enough of my body heat. The Horizon has a full zip the whole way around the inside of the jacket which should work a lot better. Also the snaps in the wrist are in a better position and wont be uncomfortable when the Velcro at the wrist is tightened.

It's great not having to undo two long sections of velcro to open the jacket. With this it's just the Velcro flap and zipper then you're done.

Overall I like the jacket, but I would only recommend it if the idea of a built-in liner really appeals to you and you don't live in a hot climate (unless you have a mesh jacket, too). I think it'll be great on all but the hottest days here in Seattle.

If anyone has any specific questions go ahead and ask. I haven't had the chance to do anything other than check the fit as I stripped the oil pan nut on my KLR and need to take it to the shop to get fixed, so I can't tell you about waterproofing or venting.
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