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Real world KTM 350 EXC impressions?

Anyone on one of the new 2012 KTM 350 EXC or XCW-F yet? Curious how it'll shape up as a lightweight DS/Adv rig vs something like a WRR... Not looking to load it up for week plus adventures. Max would be a GiantLoop bag for the lightweight overnighter

Currently own a 640 Adv which really hasn't been getting used they way it was meant for. With 2 small kids and a busy work schedule my riding has been much more local with 60-80 mile FS road daytours. With a ton of tight/twisty high Alpine single track only 4-5 miles from the house my 200 XCW has been seeing a large amount of my limited ride time.

If I sold off the herd and replaced the 2 bikes with a single bike would the 350 be the one? I'm looking for more of a single track friendly DS bike that'll still do OK on the slab for the occasional 50-100miles max speed 60-65. I know the larger 500 would be more suited for that but I'm concerned the 500 might be a bit much on the tight/technical singletrack. Am I on the right track by looking at either the 350 EXC or XCW(would plate it)


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