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[QUOTE=Furious D;18538887]Getting the mounts to clear the exhaust can be quite a chore. I think I am going to run a set of pipes that exit the left side from GordonScott to eliminate the problem.Just cant decide if I want to go with high-pipes or a 2-1 low setup.

I am getting close to getting my sidecar rig ready for the road. Most of the fab work is complete. I just need to bolt the carbs on and beef up the front forks. I cant decide what to to about sidecovers. Number plate or the originals? What do you think ? ---------

The number plate looks good !
Left side exhaust makes life easier for sidear mounting ,that's for sure .
However it only becomes a necessity if you want to attach a mounting to the bottom frame rail .
High pipes or low ?
For road only , I would go for low as it gives you better access to engine covers and carbs , panniers are easier too.
If there's a chance you would be going off road , high is the better option , as ruts would not be such an obstacle for you .

Good luck with the build !
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