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Originally Posted by chicharino View Post
Am I asking for trouble with this? Daydreaming.
Have to wonder how a RHD car on UK plates got to the States. Anyhow...

Things that can get bad:

Bulkhead rot - that flat military green can hide a multitude of sins, check the bulkhead (the thin strip of metal running down just in front of the doors and under the windscreen) for rot - tap it, twat it, thump it or use a magnet however you like. Just make sure that it has no metal-moth holes.

Fried cylinder head - 200TDI's are better for this than 300's - mine was a 24carat bastard 'till I figured it out and skimmed the head - once they get hot and boil up the heads tend to warp easy. Like I said, it happens way more often on the 300's (due to a shitty waterpump gasket arrangement) but not unknown on the 200TDi.

At 76Kmiles, the standard checks on the Turbo, both gearboxes, both Diff's, all 4 uj's are prudent (not to mention the front CV joints) as are chassis and cross-member rust checks. Get under there and *look*. That paint looks very new and may exist underneath too. There's a lot of overspill from the oil filler, so I'd ask how it got there just to rule to rule out a blocked crankcase breather masking blown valve seals or such.

Ask when the timing belt was done last - they can be sensitive to poor replacement and a belt failure causes a mess (DAMHIK):

Short of that, I'd buy it if it were over here - I need a LWB landy. CAVEAT: Spares here are 2-a-penny, cheap and plentifull but I have no clue about spares prices and availability in your area (or the US in general come to that), I suspect high and low respectively.

Provided the basics look good - go for it. If you know Landies, you'll already know most problems are easily fixable though. It's why we love 'em.

Many of the green-laners and triallers here rate the 200TDI unit as the one to go for over the 300 and if you see a old series diesel converstion here, the chances are that the old lump (2.25petrol or any of the many old deisel lumps) has been pulled in favour of a 200TDI. It just works. And works well.
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