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Originally Posted by redfishguide View Post
Great stuff especially since I'm considering a similar project. Did you build the suspesion on the hack? Would love a couple of pics in this area and an idea on what parts you used.

I also have a furry partner just waiting for me to get off my duff.

Here you go !

I didn't fabricate the suspension , it's standard for that sidecar .
Very simple to make though , just two shafts [ axles ] joined in a kinda Z shape with taper roller bearings . One end holds the wheel hub which is free to rotate. At the other end the shaft is welded to the frame and it's outer tube rotates to provide the suspension movement via an arm which is attached to a motorcycle coil shock .
It's a lightweight unit for a lightweight sidecar , if I was to build one , I would beef it up a bit .

You could make a similar set up with two trailer hubs .

If all goes well with this unit , I plan to build a larger sidear for my Vstrom , similar to the excellent Aussie self made sidecars that we see on Advrider .
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