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Originally Posted by Westy123 View Post
Hi, If you use the dimmer with these lights is the power usage still 44 watts (as with the old style reostat) with the dimmer is any position, or is it a switched or different type that reduces the wattage as the dimmer is turned down? The reason I ask is I would like to run these lights on my DRZ400 which has a limited gen. output. Regards Rob

I ran a test of current draw on the Squadron when I got home after work today. I have a test setup that makes it easy to do with a very accurate DC amp meter and an inline fuse adapter I made. I just hooked up to the headlight circuit (Fuse 3) and ran it through 0% up to 100% with the Skene dimmer, which is programmable in brightness range: 0 – 100% in 10% subjective brightness increments.

My readings (rounded up @ 14.3V idling):

Off = .013A = .19W
0% = .015A = .22W
10%= .032A = .46W
20%= .042A = .60W
30%= .16A = 2.3W
40%= .42A = 6.1W
50%= .74A = 10.6W
60%= 1.13A = 16.2W
70%= 1.56A = 22.3W
80%= 2.05A = 29.3W
90%= 2.92A = 41.7W
100%= 3.14A = 44.9W

My current "Low Beam" setting is 50% = ~11W.

So, yes as you dim the LED light the power draw goes down quite quickly as you can see.
This would be the same for for any PWM dimmer like BD's own dimmer.
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