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well, too much filler and a few empty rattle cans later here we are.

I couldn't really decide what color so I went with my original inclination of a dark blue.

It is good from far, but far from good and I'm happy with that. I'll do better next time...

After kludging a temporary battery set up I started clipping and crimping. Multimeters are the fucking shit. I have a suspicion that some previous owner got a little too friendly with the wiring because either the bright beam is always on, or doesn't work, and when I flip the switch the light for the speedo goes out. I tested the leads and they behave as expected so there must be some voltage drop going on somewhere when the light is pulling on it so I'll have to investigate that further... Lectric's aint my specialty, well nothing really is, but especially electrics...

Moral of the story is that everything behaves the way it did when I took it apart

Gawd damn I'm getting close to firing this bitch up again and I'm excited!
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Of course the bike doesn't exist, this entire forum is here because the right bike doesn't exist but the right people do, and they make the trip anyway.
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