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Let's see...Claude vs. Jay....Jay vs. Claude?

Jay mounts electric tilt adjusters upside down, so the water saturates them, and then charges his customers full-bore to fix his stupid(from an engineering point of view) mistake. Years later he changes...with no recall, explanation or satisfaction to the early customers suffering from his design flaw. Jay installs sidecar spindle shafts that (allegedly!) result in numerous catastophic failures, and then says he doesn't have the time or inclination to perform quality control(pre-installation) on parts he buys from vendors.

Get off your high horse, Jay! Claude decides he won't compete against Stroker, and sell wheels to compete with what Stroker is offering. Claude says purchase them from Stroker, and he'll mount it during his build. You get a wheel from Stroker, and find the easiest way to "allegedly!" copy it so a less-than-discriminating buyer can't tell it is inferior, and then offer it at a ridiculously high price!

You won't get Stroker to discuss it publicly, but I bet he is alternately seething and laughing at this drivel by Jay.

When I asked Jay to give me a fixed quote on a sidecar installation two years ago, incorporating the Ural tub I already owned, he glibly told me the cost of the project would include the $2,000 profit he would have made if he had provided one of his less-than-suitable fiberglass "copies".

I live 50 miles from Jay. I live 3,500 miles from Claude. I would pay the cost of travel, inconvenience and extra effort ten times over to have Claude build a hack for me before I would trust Jay to fix a flat.

I have met several customers of Jay's that have related stories of poor communication, broken welds, "drowned" actuators, sheered spindles, sloppy paint, long unexplained delays, and overall poor workmanship. Maybe Jay has a few satisfied customers out there (Clearwater...the world's "nicest" person?), but they are few and far between. Claude has legions of happy customers. Legions!

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