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Well I did my part not to pour gas on a fire but.....

Oh what the hell.

That was outside or Eureka, Ca or only about 2500 miles from home.

Fortunately a guardian angel arrived and invited us to have it towed to his house. (it was a Sunday).

This is what the SC tire looked like, thankfully it didn't come off.

This is how I fixed it after getting another 1" trailer bearing.

The shaft was scored so some cut copper pipe was pressed into service as an emergency bushing. This photo shows first attempt, hence the busted bearing bits, I had to wreck the first try to find success.

Finally my guardian angel, Mr. Jeff Smith of Eureka, Ca.

Guy rolls up, hops off and the first thing I said to him was "Bark Busters on a Norge?, Wow!"

Moral of the story is don't call someone out on the internet unless you are unassailable. It might come back to bite you.

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