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I have never and will never steel a design. We have been making wheels from scratch since 1998. We had our wheel conversion being CNC machined for us long before I ever saw one of strokers wheels and long before I even heard of Stroker. Our wheels are completly different and I feel better as we use an adapter that allows for a standard off the shelf wheel to be used. So if a person damages the wheel all they need do is buy an inexpensive wheel rather then the entire unit. Also as we do it this way it is no problem to have a tire mounted on the wheel as automotive tire shops have no issue mounting a tire on an automotive wheel. They do on a custom motorcycle wheel. Motorcycle shops also do not like mounting car tires on automotive wheels so with Strokers wheels you may have problems finding a shop to install the tire.
Yes we did have some issues when we were retrofitting Ural sidecars, We stood behind these for 5 years fixing problems for no charge when we heard about them. The Ural frame required the tilt acutuator to be installed up side down in order to work. The manifacture of the acutuator insisted that there was / is no issue doing it this way. We now use a completly different brand of acutuator and as we designed our frame from scratch rather then retro fitting a existing frame we now have them turned the other way around. We found in general Ural sidecars were not up to the standards of quality that we wanted to offer and now do offer which is why we build our own sidecars from scratch now rather then modifiying Ural sidecars.
Our fiberglass sidecar bodies are much higher quality then the "Ural" steel bodies. To custom build a sidecar one off using bits and peices that the customer supplies does cost more then making production items in production jigs.
Olyrider, you wasted a lot of our time wanting us to build you a sidecar using used parts that you provided. You were trying to save some money by asking us to build you a custom sidecar for less money then a production sidecar and yet wanted us to hold to are high standards of quality. You tried pretty much every angle you could think of to find a way for us to build you a sidecar for less money.
Our prices are where they are as this is what is needed to cover our overhead. Sure we could lower prices if we wanted to cut corners. We could stop carrying manifactures liability insurance (adds about 10%) as well as garage keepers insuraces to cover bikes while we are working on them. We could also pay our employee's less and not give them medical, dental and vission insurance. This is not who we are or want to be. We have made thousands of sidecars and belive that we are making the highest quality sidecars made in the USA.
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