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Originally Posted by panamapassage View Post
Update from member Bph555 on Expedition Portal

Hi everybody,
We have been in Panama City, Panama for a few weeks, trying to get to Colombia with our landcruiser.
After hearing the great news about the new ferry, we decided to hang out here and possibly make a reservation.
We found out, the adventure2000 company would be handling the reservations in Panama. After several calls to them it was obvious that they knew little about requirements for the vehicle to board the boat in Panama or anything about Colombia etc etc....however, they were very quick to point out that we would need a reservation,and would need to make full payment for the vehicle,passengers,and taxes within 48 hours.
The operator said the ferry would definitely begin service on May 10th.
We had been hearing from other travelers,who were interested in the ferry as well, about there experiences with Adventure2000.Some had reported about a onward flight reservation requirement out of Panama. Subsequent calls to the reservation office revealed no such requirements, for "in-transit" ticket purchasers.
Adventure2000, eventually told us that we would need a police inspection (among other requirements) for our vehicle.But...when we arrived at the police inspection office,they all laughed at the prospect of the ferry starting on may 10th. They said "there is no possibility the ferry will begin service on may 10th"., my wife and I, decided to go to the ferry office downtown and talk to these people face to face. Keep in mind- my wife is a native Spanish speaker and tends to be quite forward.After much pressure and prodding- It was revealed to us that the vehicle ferry is not going to happen anytime soon! Mostly lies lies lies and more lies.
They are having problems with the Colombian government,allowing vehicles and passengers on the same vessel etc. etc.



Very good and we appreciate your findings . It is the same feeling of what I been saying on previous entries. I wouldn't waist my time on trying to figure out when the Ferry is going to happen. It is not going to happen soon the way they say, passengers, trucks,bikes and even containers (ahahaha!! containers?).
Colombia have strong regulations on imports and exports all missed with their own weird ways of work at a port . To my standards and experience is not going to work.
You cannot mix apples and pears in these countries with all the complications of their ways of operation.
Somebody mentioned above that it could be like the Spain-Morocco ferry. Yes it could but, that's is another story. Spain knows on how to treat the system and Morocco needs tourism. There is a well established treaty there and Morocco was a Spanish colony back in the days.

What I don't understand, Colombia have issues on mixing passenger and cargo on the same vessel. Well, this the nature of a Ferry right? then why they didn't figure out that before when the project was presented in a big fair/convention in Bogota?. hmmmmmm!! sound a really bad organization to me.
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