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I suggest for the sake of a lot of people's sanity that we let this thread die.

I'm not going to say I was screwed by Dauntless but I was disappointed by the failure. Having said this they were helpful over the phone and did send me proper replacement parts including a new swingarm.

Really I see no good coming from continuing this.

Jay here's a tip. Delete all your posts in this thread. As well intentioned as it may have been when you started or perhaps you were just having a bad day, this can not end well for you on your current course. At the least change your tune a bit. The harder you dig your heels, the deeper the ruts, especially when you start to argue with customers who spent substantial bucks with you. Dump yours and this one goes right after.

Your first foray into this topic sounded like a whine as has every follow up. I offer this as a guy who is going to enjoy the rig I built from your kit this weekend, have met you and think you're ok, but right now you're getting a little close to the sun.
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