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When I buy springs that are 10% stiffer I have always assumed[dangerous word that] since springs is plural that to me means that the two together add up to 10% percent. That means that each one is worth only 5%.Use one spring you are 5% stiffer.Use two springs you are 10% stiffer.If you have .40 springs now and get 10% stiffer springs and install both you will have .44 springs.If you install one you will have .42 total spring rate.Normally springs are sold in sets of two for forks.Just something to ponder.
Mung unfortunately I read and asked questions, and I was told (and sorry, it felt that way when I bought them) that they are a (pair) of 10% stiffer springs, for total 20%, if you use both. I cannot tell you much more on how I know, or have been led to believe it, but that is what I believe and would keep telling everyone. Mine came from Adrian at lewisport.
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