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Thumb What ya's waitin' for... a written invitation...???

Geebus... what more can the generous folks at the Safari office offer you blokes from OS...???

They'll ship you there and back free of charge, make a special award for best placed overseas (european, septic or asian) rider, PLUS offer a free start fee in the "big show" for the highest nominated "Dakar Challenge" entrant...

All this in a politically stable nation with no border crossings, no radical extremist types (well there is this game they call AFL... but that's been deemed incurable ) and a half continent full of glorious desert terrain and weather... where the biggest risk to your well being is the ever so slim chance that you could be handed an (only slightly) less* than icy cold beer during the evening...

(*Though I have it on good authority that after the 2007 debacle... supplies of crushed ice have ALWAYS been well stocked for Safari since that time! ).

So in the words of Barry McKenzie; "What the flock are ya's waiting for ya' pack a' drongo's... pull ya' blĄĄdy fingers out!"
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